Video Marketing

Speaker: Edoardo Scognamiglio
Location: Roof Garden Restaurant Bergamo

Think less about viral and more about strategy: Edoardo Scognamiglio, founder of Combocut, has no doubts about video marketing. The problem is that often the goal is confused with the result, achievable only if you know the path that can turn an unknown user into a contact and finally into a customer. No video can be equally valid for all these phases: in one phase it might be necessary to exploit emotion, amazement, or enjoyment, in another it is the formula of the story or explanation that must be used, whilst in another, persuasion. The number of views itself, then, is not enough to assess a result. You should always ask yourself what you expect the user to do after watching the video. It is based on a strong principle that must always be followed: talk not about yourself but about your viewer and use the most suitable combination of tools to convey your strategy.