Mission & values

Mission & values

Our purpose

We live in a liquid society, where change is the only certain element. We are part of a global world, where the limits of space and time are constantly evolving.

Our commitment has led us to accompany our clients to communicate consistently with this perspective. Transcending boundaries means finding new common horizons, where individual identities relate to each other and build new shared platforms.

Omnichannel communication surpasses the distinction between on-line and on-real. The dynamics of B2B are enhanced by those of B2C, and vice versa.

Image and identity no longer exist separately, but seek advanced moments of synthesis. Artificial intelligence allows humankind and technology to dialogue in an evolved way.

Good sustainability practices push companies to invest in the environment and culture and to feel increasingly more connected to their territories, all the while having a global outlook. Public and private sectors dialogue with the objective of generating new virtuous collaborations.

At Welcome we want to make our clients aware protagonists of this evolution. Communicating beyond the boundaries.

Our values

  • Respect: for the people who work with us and our clients
  • Passion: for the task with which we have been assigned and our work
  • Quality: in every work phase and in our relations
  • Reliability: results that are guaranteed to live up to expectations in terms of quality, deadlines and costs
  • Skill set: our wealth of know-how and experience
  • Foresight: looking beyond appearances, framework and the known to face the challenge of change as protagonists
  • Sustainability: towards our collaborators, with an extensive corporate welfare policy; with the environment, through the decision to be “plastic-free” and “pet-friendly”; with the territory, through commitment in cultural and social areas

Our numbers

We came onto the scene more or less 10 years ago, right in the middle of a crisis. But, like many companies, we got through it and have grown, sustained by our vision, by an increasingly broader and more extensive wealth of skills, by an immense and shared passion for our work.

Today we are an agency

  • where 46 people work, each fully specialised in varying aspects of communication
  • that is organised into 2 companies that are autonomous yet intensely synergistic and accustomed to operating on integrated communication projects: Welcome and Welcome Digital
  • with 2 locations in north-eastern Lombardy: Bergamo and Brescia
  • with a series of consolidated partnerships with outstanding businesses in complementary areas: from finance and facilitated training (GruppoFormazione) to strategic marketing (Gruppo G&A), and from sustainability (Strategy Innovation – Ca Foscari University of Venice and Altis – Catholic University of S. Cuore in Milan) to film production (Magnitude and 345).

Our approach

We integrate diversified skills into a process that focuses on clients and their need to communicate their distinctive identities.

Heedful to client needs and expressed and latent objectives, precise mapping of values, the accurate definition of buyer personas, the analytical study of products and services are the preliminary aspects of our method.

The strategic project we develop always moves in an omnichannel logic, which tends to explore and nurture every aspect of communication.

Its development translates into tools and actions which we supervise in a customised way, always searching for the highest quality and consistency with client identity.