Business & Culture

Speaker: Francesca Panzarin
Location: Accademia Carrara Bergamo

Today we are witnesses to the fact that cultural and business sectors are approaching one another. This phenomenon has to do with the dissemination of the culture of CSR, that is, on the one hand strengthening the company’s bond with the territory, on the other, developing sustainability policies in terms of social, environmental, and cultural responsibility.

There is a favourable humus in Italy, in particular: we have an immense cultural heritage, demonstrated by the over 50 UNESCO sites present, but above all the companies – mostly small or medium-sized – are an intrinsic part of the territory and are deeply linked to the history of the community in which they operate. Investing in culture can make the difference in the strategy of corporate communication. It is an element that strengthens corporate communication and marketing programs which address the territory to which they belong, stakeholders and international partners.