Speaker: Andrea Fontana
Location: Ezio Gritti Restaurant Bergamo

Today all of us are called upon to tell something about ourselves: on a personal level on social media, in our private lives, when we pick up a smartphone and post or chat; as companies to arouse the curiosity of financers, stimulate stakeholders, engage customers; as individuals, when we are looking for a job or want to reposition ourselves on LinkedIn.

Storytelling has become a platform on which we live on a stable basis. For this reason, knowing the techniques of storytelling becomes essential to being able to present oneself and be able to engage one’s target audience when they are useful to the objectives of a company. Understanding what a story is, what it is useful for and, most importantly, how to distinguish a story from a non-story, was the theme of the Convivium evening event with Andrea Fontana. An event which, owing to the participation of all the guests, turned into a collective story.