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Ezfit MEI

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EZFit: from the Stone Age to the Age of the Lens Edger


MEI, a company specialised in the design and production of complex equipment dedicated to cutting lenses for the top players in the industry, through the EZFit lens cutting machine intends to provide laboratories and optical centres with the most advanced technology to manage this service “in-house”. In the most reliable, versatile, precise, sustainable, easiest and productive way possible.


Identify on an international level the potential optical centres interested in EZFit, present the strengths of the technology and the machine, emphasise the positive experiences of satisfied buyers and stimulate the pride of an optician to offer customers a series of services that few can manage independently, quickly and with added value. Welcome measured up to the challenge, sharing the aspiration of MEI.


The heart of the activity developed for the launch and presentation of EZFit was the construction of a DEDICATED PRODUCT WEBSITE which differentiated itself from the rest of the MEI product range, in consideration of the different type of target. The site has become the landing and in-depth study platform for the strategy developed on the company’s social media, through sponsored posts in 19 different countries, which were flanked by an SEO and SEA strategy and email marketing activity with a lead generation objective.

The creative concept showcases the innovative leap of EZFit technology: from the grinding wheel to the lens cutter or, in a word, from the prehistoric era to the future.
In view of the presentation of the new release of the machine – EZFit.