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BKT Space

Stand and Events, Video.

A new location where a love-mark can be experienced


For the expansion of its headquarters, BKT Europe engaged Welcome to support it in creating a multimedia installation that would enable this space to communicate the brand’s numerous values and allow its visiting customers to experience a “love-mark”.


The Agency’s intervention, in close synergy with the architect and BKT Europe management, was developed starting from the shared themes which emerged in relation to the organisation of the internal environments. Subsequently, highly technological solutions were identified and proposed to create a strong emotional involvement in the visitor, who is to be led and fully immersed inside the “BKT Space”.


The entrance hallway was transformed into a gallery of moving images, where an interactive full-height screen around 15 metres long allowed the evolution of the company’s history to be retraced, narrated by its protagonists or see the vehicles at work that use BKT tyres in many practical situations.
Memorable sporting events were projected on a maxi-screen in a setting with seating that recreated the situation of one of the many stadiums where football, cricket, or basketball matches are held of which BKT is Title Sponsor.
Through a series of oculos it was possible to experience a visit to the large production plant of Bhuj through augmented reality.
Another room, entirely furnished in Indian style, led to understanding the culture of this magical and mysterious land, where BKT was born. With respect to the layout of “BKT Space”, the “applications” room is central where, through touch monitors, the world of BKT tyres can be explored along with their applications, technical data and performances, examining in depth the contents related to the materials used and the shapes designed. Finally, there is the meeting room, dedicated to conferences and training activities.
The “BKT Space” offers a captivating storytelling experience expressed through multiple themes and made engaging and exciting by the use of the most advanced technological applications.

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