Hortus Conclusus

Location: Palazzo Agliardi

In the setting of the Landscape Festival 2019 – The Masters of Landscape, three historic homes in Bergamo hosted a refined selection of the collection of rugs that engineer Romain Zaleski donated to the Tassara Foundation. The “Sultan’s Gardens”, made with skilful knots, challenge the beholder to recognise exotic animals, birds, and plants amidst the bright colours; they evoke not only the “sacred terrain” of prayer, but also the lush and discreet green spaces of eastern cities.

On the occasion of this event, Welcome organised an exceptional evening at Palazzo Agliardi, home to an haute époque selection of Persian and Caucasian rugs with a floral pattern and two rare Caucasian saddle blankets. The guests of the evening with the top management of the Tassara Foundation, founder Romain Zaleski and president Flavio Pasotti, were taken on an exclusive guided tour by curators Moshe Tabibnia and Giovanni Valagussa.