Case histories

Olimpia Splendid


Sustainability embraces the technology of air conditioners that are symbolic of “Made in Italy”


Introduce the value of energy efficiency in the communication of two “top” items in the Olimpia Splendid product range: UNICO, the air conditioner without an outdoor unit, and the new series of Dolceclima portable air conditioners.


The concept of the two communication campaigns creatively flanked by the theme of sustainability with the already consolidated advantages of the two products.
With Unico, the campaign aimed to emphasize, in addition to the “Made in Italy” design, the specific technological know-how that allows low GWP or 100% regenerated refrigerants to be used. The new Dolceclima range, on the other hand, using the headline “Top class, guaranteed efficiency”, is characterised by efficiency and performance which, together with Italian design, ensure a superior comfort level.


The two campaigns were developed in two variations to allow them to be used specifically by consumers and trade. In terms of creativity, Welcome’s proposals were appreciated both for the clarity of the message, which contributed to a new positioning of the two products and the brand, and for the originality of the storytelling supporting them. With Unico, the female protagonist speaks of the importance of keeping a house cool with air conditioning, but without sacrificing the pleasure of enjoying her terrace, thanks to the absence of a bulky external motor unit. With Dolceclima, its ideal setting in ever-changing contexts is the story’s leitmotif.